Star Wars: Mantellian Mayhem

Session 1

A Curious Deal

The group discovered that drall accounant Viat N'Guav came to Ord Mantell to purchase a list of Jedi killed by the Empire. He intended to purchase this list from nemoidian black marketeer Tsuga Joshu.  To Viat's surprise (but no surprise to Queeb), the business deal turned out to be an auction.  Viat was in for a further surprise when the data he wished tto purchase was embedded in a young pantoran woman with a datajack in the side of her head.  With no explanation as to why the data had not simply been extracted from the woman, the auction promptly started…and was interrupted by an apparent act of gang violence between some Black Sun trandoshans and some aqualish working for the local hutt, Slugga Bruta.

In the chaos that followed, a male pantoran at the auction escaped with the "merchandise".  The party quickly followed only to find the male pantoran on the ground in the street with a head wound and the female nowhere in sight.  Calling the woman his sister, the pantoran frantically poined north claiming the swoop gangers the party spotted on the way in made off with the female pantoran.

Frank thought to ask Tsuga if she had a landspeeder, but as they made their way to it the nemoidian and drall were apprehended by Imperial soldiers.  Queeb somehow managed to convince the officer to release them and move along.  The party raced after the swoop gangers unsure where to go.

 Trusting his wookiee instincts, Brawndo drove them down an alley and straight into a roadblock manned the fat aqualish leader from the auction, Gorphus Binsho.  Binsho explained that his boss wanted to meet with them.  The party followed to Throw Me a Bone (aka Bonerville according to Brawndo) casino on Century Lane, base of operations of the local hutt, Slugga Bruta.

Bruta explained that she knew where the young pantoran woman was taken, the vault of Lady Fate Casino, owned an operated by underworld rival Lonika Tess, captain of the Black Sun.  The hutt has no desire for the pantoran or the data apparently in her head but instead is interested in the party breaking into the impenetrable vault of her rival, thereby damaging Black Sun's reputation.


Vicissitude Vicissitude

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